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Dan Centinello


Based in Rome, Dan Centinello serves as Principal at Lincoln Strategy Group, where he orchestrates and oversees the development of meticulously crafted strategies.

His role involves direct management of complex, large-scale campaigns that span across EMEA markets and around the globe. Combining a keen eye for detail with a broad strategic vision, Dan plays a pivotal role in shaping and steering projects that resonate on an international scale.

Altogether, he has directed successful campaigns & projects spanning 12 countries across five continents. In addition to his management experience, he has also developed & deployed intricate media and digital strategies across an additional 59 countries. His approach combines meticulous strategic planning & deep analytical insight with innovative digital & media strategies.

Dan Centinello was named one of the top 40 political consultants under the age of 40 by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) – a recognition for his pioneering work in global strategy which he sees as a testament to the collaborative nature of his work.

Centinello has crafted and executed groundbreaking strategies for numerous Fortune 500 companies. His role extends to advising high-profile political leaders and influential figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kanye West, and Mark Zuckerberg, showcasing his versatility and adaptability across diverse sectors.

As a contributor to US News & World Report, Dan offers insights into current strategy trends, reflecting his ongoing commitment to staying ahead in a dynamic global environment.

This blend of international experience, innovative approach, and adapting in an ever-changing global landscape makes Dan Centinello a formidable force in the world of global strategy & campaign management.

Dan Centinello
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