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Founder & Managing Director

Nathan Sproul

Nathan Sproul Lincoln Strategy Group

NATHAN SPROUL; Founder & Managing Director
Phoenix, Arizona

Nathan Sproul is the Founder and Managing Director of Lincoln Strategy Group, a renowned global consultancy specializing in public affairs management.


With over two decades of experience, he oversees the day-to-day operations and serves as the firm's chief public representative.

Nathan Sproul and his team have a proven track record of effectively lobbying governments at all levels, shaping policy, and achieving tangible results.


Leveraging his extensive experience and strategic relationships, Nathan excels in crisis management, long-term planning, and strategic messaging to secure electoral victories.

Under Nathan's leadership, Lincoln Strategy Group has amassed a diverse client portfolio of over 1000 organizations spanning all 50 states and 73 countries.


Nathan has spearheaded national initiatives and he has played pivotal roles in five presidential campaigns, as well as numerous gubernatorial, senatorial, and local campaigns.

Nathan Sproul is a respected thought leader and contributor, with featured op-eds in prominent publications such as The Huffington Post, The Hill, Fortune, CNS News, and Reader’s Digest. He is also a frequent guest on national and local news outlets, including Fox News, where he shares his insights on politics, public affairs, and community engagement.


Recognized for his entrepreneurial prowess, Nathan was honored as the Stevie® Award Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year for Small Business by The American Business Awards® in 2018. His dedication to leadership excellence is showcased in interviews where he shares valuable insights from his entrepreneurial journey.


Residing in Chandler, Arizona, Nathan enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three children. An avid reader and globetrotter, he frequently engages with Lincoln Strategy Group's international clientele, further solidifying the firm's global presence and impact.

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